You can help

By now we hope you have concluded that what Mens Sheds do is important, to our members, and to our communities.
You might even be moved to ask how you can help.
Some things are obvious, but many are not, so lets talk about a few:

Sheds are a collection of mostly retired guys, some of whom were forced to retire earlier than planned due to accidents.

What is common among our members is they have:
- time available,
- a lifetime of experience to share,
- some skills and a bit of wisdom to offer,
- but no forum in which to share it.

Sheds give us that forum to make friends, share skills, do good works for the community, avoid depression from loneliness and feel useful again.

We are the product of our time.
We were taught: "Be a Man", don't complain, suck it up, overcome hardships and get it done. We were taught to suffer quietly, to show no weakness, to be the protectors and providers of our families. As a result, reduced capacity and engagement do not sit well with us.

We are uncomfortable admitting, even to ourselves, that we need help. We are even more uncomfortable asking for help. It makes us cringe to sit in a circle and share our feelings. That sort of therapy does not work for us. Instead, we need to work with other men on a shared project and, through that shared work, share a bit of ourselves, slowly, reluctantly and painfully.

Sheds are our therapy, where we are prepared to take care of ourselves. For example, provide us with an old building, and we will fix it up to our needs, then populate it with used tools and rebuild things from old wood and cast-off products.

Sheds are usually cash-poor and capacity rich.
So for most Sheds, it is the lack of a place to build the workshop that holds us back. If we can use an old building, we can take care of the rest ourselves.

You can help our Sheds by:
- by pointing us to that unused old shack or make connections with the keepers of those facilities.

- spreading the word of the Men's Shed movement, so Men who are in need can find us or form their own Shed with a bit of encouragement from Men's Sheds Ontario.

- sending Sheds socially positive projects that need doing, and which are within our capacity to deliver.

- donating your unused tools or surplus building materials to our cause.

- helping yourself. Come join us when the time is right for you.

- send a little cash.

You can help Men's Sheds Ontario:
All of the above is for our Sheds, but what Men's Sheds Ontario needs are introductions to the powers in Ontario, the potential funding organizations for our Sheds.

Remember, Men's Sheds Ontario (MSO) is an Association of cash poor Sheds. We need to run our provincial organization without being a burden on the Sheds at the grassroots level who are doing the good work with lots of enthusiasm but with very little cash themselves. So to avoid become that burden any donations to MSO, large and small, will be always appreciated.

We are designed to need very little cash to run our operations. We have no offices. We have no employees. We are a collection of experienced Shedders working to coordinate and start new Sheds. To date, the MSO volunteers have kicked in cash needed to get MSO started. It won't be enough.

In keeping with our desire to keep overheads down, we will not have the ability to take Credit Card donations any time soon, but we will have the ability to accept email transfers. For now please contact us to find out how. In a few weeks we will make it easier for you.

Thanks for thinking about a bunch of old guys who have a little gas still left in their tank. That kind of consideration is rarer that you might think.
© 2022 Kevin Ford

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